§ 22.1-307

Dismissal of teacher; grounds

A. Teachers may be dismissed for incompetency, immorality, noncompliance with school laws and regulations, disability as shown by competent medical evidence when in compliance with federal law, conviction of a felony or a crime of moral turpitude, or other good and just cause. A teacher shall be dismissed if such teacher is or becomes the subject of a founded complaint of child abuse and neglect, pursuant to § 63.2-1505, and after all rights to an appeal provided by § 63.2-1526 have been exhausted. The fact of such finding, after all rights to an appeal provided by § 63.2-1526 have been exhausted, shall be grounds for the local school division to recommend that the Board of Education revoke such person’s license to teach. No teacher shall be dismissed or placed on probation solely on the basis of the teacher’s refusal to submit to a polygraph examination requested by the school board.

B. For the purposes of this article, “incompetency” may be construed to include, but shall not be limited to, consistent failure to meet the endorsement requirements for the position or one or more unsatisfactory performance evaluations.


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