§ 23-14

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Certain educational institutions declared governmental instrumentalities; powers vested in majority of members of board

The College of William and Mary in Virginia, at Williamsburg; Richard Bland College of the College of William and Mary at Dinwiddie and Prince George; the rector and visitors of Christopher Newport University, at Newport News; Longwood University, at Farmville; the University of Mary Washington, at Fredericksburg; George Mason University, at Fairfax; the James Madison University, at Harrisonburg; Old Dominion University, at Norfolk; the State Board for Community Colleges, at Richmond; the Virginia Commonwealth University, at Richmond; the Radford University, at Radford; the Roanoke Higher Education Authority and Center; the rector and visitors of the University of Virginia, at Charlottesville; the University of Virginia’s College at Wise; the Virginia Military Institute, at Lexington; the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, at Blacksburg; the Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind; the Virginia State University, at Petersburg; Norfolk State University, at Norfolk; the Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center, at Fishersville; the Eastern Virginia Medical School; the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center; the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center; the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research; and the New College Institute are hereby classified as educational institutions and are declared to be public bodies and constituted as governmental instrumentalities for the dissemination of education. The powers of every such institution derived directly or indirectly from this chapter shall be vested in and exercised by a majority of the members of its board, and a majority of such board shall be a quorum for the transaction of any business authorized by this chapter. Wherever the word “board” is used in this chapter, it shall be deemed to include the members of a governing body designated by another title.


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