§ 23-30.27

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Purchase and sale of bonds or other obligations of educational institutions

The Authority is authorized to purchase, with any funds of the Authority available for such purpose, at public or private sale and for such price and on such terms as it shall determine, bonds or other obligations issued by educational institutions pursuant to Chapter 3 (§ 23-14 et seq.) of this title.The Authority may pledge to the payment of the interest on and the principal of any bonds of the Authority all or any part of the educational institution bonds so purchased, including payments of principal and interest thereon as they shall become due. The Authority may also, subject to any such pledge, sell any such educational institution bonds so purchased and apply the proceeds of such sale in the purchase of other like educational institution bonds or for such purpose and in such manner as shall be provided by any resolution authorizing the issuance of bonds of the Authority.


1966, c. 685.


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