§ 23-30.27:1

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Acquisition and disposition of equipment

A. The Authority is authorized to acquire equipment or any interest therein by purchase, exchange, gift, lease or otherwise, to sell, exchange, donate, convey, lease and dispose of the same, or any portion thereof or interest therein, including security interests therein, and to retain or receive security interests in such equipment.

B. Without regard to the requirements, restrictions, limitations or other provisions contained in any other general, special or local law, educational institutions are authorized to grant security interests in or other liens on equipment held or acquired by the educational institution under any lease or agreement of sale with the Authority.

C. The Authority is authorized to acquire equipment with any funds of the Authority available for such purpose. Acquisition and disposition of equipment may be at public or private sale and for such price and on such terms as the Authority shall determine, provided that the Authority shall acquire equipment for, and shall lease or sell the same to, educational institutions only pursuant to standards and procedures as approved through the Commonwealth’s budget and appropriation process. The budget document shall present the lease payments and corresponding total value of equipment to be acquired by each institution. Each institution shall make available such additional detail on specific equipment to be purchased as may be requested by the Governor or the General Assembly. If emergency acquisitions and leases are necessary when the General Assembly is not in session, the Governor may approve such acquisitions and leases. Prior to such acquisitions and leases the Governor shall submit such proposed acquisitions and leases to the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Finance Committee for their review and approval.

D. The Authority is authorized to establish and maintain such funds as it may deem appropriate from time to time to provide funds for acquisition of equipment on a continuing basis. The Authority may deposit therein such funds as it deems appropriate, including, but without limitation, the proceeds of any Authority bonds issued to finance the purchase of equipment and payments made to the Authority under equipment leases and sale agreements with educational institutions and others. Any moneys held in such funds may also be used in the Authority’s discretion to secure payment of principal of and interest on any Authority bonds, whether issued to finance the purchase of equipment, or to pay administrative costs of the authority, whether incurred in connection with the purchase, lease or sale of equipment, or may be transferred by the Authority to be used in connection with any other program of the Authority. However, no funds of the Authority derived from the equipment program authorized under this section may be used in connection with the issuance or securing of indebtedness for the benefit of private institutions for higher education pursuant to Chapter 3.3 (§ 23-30.39 et seq.) of this title.

E. The Authority is authorized to determine and charge rent or sale prices for equipment leased or sold by the Authority to educational institutions and terminate such leases or sale agreements upon the failure of an educational institution to comply with any of the obligations thereof, and may include in such leases, options for the educational institution to renew such leases, or to purchase any or all of the leased equipment and provisions for the Authority to repossess and sell equipment leased or sold upon any default under the lease or agreement for the sale of such equipment.


1986, c. 597.


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