§ 24.2-230

Applicability of article; certain exceptions

This article shall apply to all elected or appointed Commonwealth, constitutional, and local officers, except officers for whose removal the Constitution of Virginia specifically provides.However, an appointed officer shall be removed from office only by the person or authority who appointed him unless he is sentenced for a crime as provided for in § 24.2-231 or is determined to be “mentally incompetent” as provided for in § 24.2-232. This exception shall not apply to an officer who is (i) appointed to fill a vacancy in an elective office or (ii) appointed to an office for a term established by law and the appointing person or authority is not given the unqualified power of removal.This article shall be applicable to members of local electoral boards and general registrars, but shall not be applicable to assistant registrars who may be removed from office by the general registrar pursuant to § 24.2-112 or to officers of election who may be removed from office by the local electoral board pursuant to § 24.2-109.


1975, cc. 515, 595, §§ 24.1-79.1, 24.1-79.2; 1993, c. 641; 1998, c. 582; 2004, cc. 27, 391.


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