§ 58.1-3168

When treasurers to pay state revenue into state treasury

Each treasurer, pursuant to § 2.2-806, shall deposit promptly upon receipt all state moneys collected or received from all sources directly into the account of the state treasury without any deduction and make up a statement of all state revenue collected by him since such treasurer filed with the Comptroller his last preceding report. The Comptroller may call upon any treasurer, at any time he thinks proper, to pay into the state treasury any and all money in his hands belonging to the Commonwealth and such treasurer shall, within five days from the receipt of such call, make the payment. Should any treasurer wilfully fail to make any statement or payment required by this section, within the time prescribed, such failure shall be deemed a sufficient cause for his removal from office under the provisions of §§ 24.2-230 to 24.2-238.


Code 1950, § 58-973; 1971, Ex. Sess., c. 1; 1982, c. 292; 1984, c. 675.


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