§ 24.2-532

Abstracts of votes; law-enforcement officer to obtain returns not forwarded

As soon as the electoral board shall determine the persons who have received the highest number of votes for nomination to any such office, the secretary of the board shall immediately make out abstracts and certificates of the votes cast as provided in § 24.2-675 and forward certified copies thereof to the State Board. The secretary in addition shall place certified copies thereof in an envelope and forward them in person or by certified mail (i) for members of the House of Representatives of the United States, to the chairman of the congressional district committee, (ii) for members of the General Assembly, to the chairman of the Senate or House of Delegates district committee, and (iii) for county and city and district officers, to the chairman of the county or city. “Chairman” means the chairman of the political party under whose auspices the primary is held.If the abstract of votes shall not have been received by the State Board from any county or city within six days after any state primary election, the Board shall dispatch a law-enforcement officer to obtain them as provided in § 24.2-678.


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