Conduct Of Primaries

This is Article 4 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Conduct Of Primaries.” It is part of Title 24.2, titled “Elections.” It is part of Chapter 5, titled “Candidates For Office.” It’s comprised of the following 28 sections.

§ 24.2-512
Primaries to be conducted in accordance with article
§ 24.2-513
Provisions as to general elections applicable
§ 24.2-514
To what nominations this article applies
§ 24.2-515
Presidential election year primaries
§ 24.2-515.1
Schedule for primaries in the year 2001 and each tenth year thereafter
§ 24.2-516
Party to furnish names of chairmen and notify State Board of adoption of direct primary
§ 24.2-517
State Board to order election
§ 24.2-518
County and city treasurers to pay primary expenses; certain uses of machinery by party
§ 24.2-519
Qualification of primary candidates
§ 24.2-520
Declaration of candidacy required
§ 24.2-521
Petition required to accompany declaration; number of signatures required
§ 24.2-522
When and to whom filings to be made
§ 24.2-523
Candidates to pay fee before filing
§ 24.2-524
To whom fees paid; refund of fees
§ 24.2-525
Persons entitled to have name printed on ballot
§ 24.2-526
Primary not to be held when less than two candidates declare
§ 24.2-527
Chairman or official to furnish State Board and general registrars with names of candidates and certify petition signature requirements met
§ 24.2-528
No primary candidate to be nominated by convention
§ 24.2-529
Primary ballots
§ 24.2-530
Who may vote in primary
§ 24.2-531
Pollbooks used during primaries
§ 24.2-532
Abstracts of votes; law-enforcement officer to obtain returns not forwarded
§ 24.2-533
§ 24.2-534
Returns tabulated by State Board; when nominee declared
§ 24.2-535
Vote required to nominate
§ 24.2-536
Procedure when a vacancy in office occurs less than 75 days before primary date
§ 24.2-537
Procedure when nominee by default dies or withdraws or nomination is set aside prior to primary
§ 24.2-538
Procedure when opposed candidate for nomination dies prior to primary