§ 24.2-947.4

Information to be included on campaign finance reports for campaign committees

A. The reports required by this article shall be filed on a form prescribed by the State Board and shall include all financial activity of the campaign committee. All completed forms shall be submitted in typed, printed, or legibly hand printed format or electronically as provided in § 24.2-946.1. Persons submitting the forms shall do so subject to felony penalties for making false statements pursuant to § 24.2-1016.

B. The report of receipts shall include:

1. The total number of contributors, each of whom has contributed an aggregate of $ 100 or less, including cash and in-kind contributions, as of the date of the report, and the total amount of contributions from all such contributors;

2. For each contributor who has contributed an aggregate of more than $ 100, including cash and in-kind contributions, as of the ending date of the report, the campaign committee shall itemize each contributor on the report and list the following information:

a. the name of the contributor, listed alphabetically,

b. the mailing address of the contributor,

c. the amount of the contribution,

d. the aggregate amount of contributions from the contributor to date,

e. the date of the contribution,

f. the occupation of the contributor,

g. the name of his employer or principal business, and

h. the city and state where employed or where his business is located.For each such contributor, other than an individual, the principal type of business and place of business of the contributor shall be substituted for subdivisions f and g, respectively. For each such contributor other than an individual, it shall be sufficient to list the address of the contributor one time on the report of receipts.

3. For each designated contribution received by the campaign committee from a political committee, out-of-state political committee, or federal political action committee, the campaign committee shall list the name of the person who designated the contribution and provide the information required by this subsection.

C. The report of disbursements shall include all expenditures and give:

1. The name and address of the person paid;

2. A brief description of the purpose of the expenditure;

3. The name of the person contracting for or arranging the expenditure;

4. The amount of the expenditure; and

5. The date of the expenditure.The report of disbursements shall itemize any expenditure made by credit card payment.

D. Each report for a candidate shall list separately those receipts and expenditures reported to the candidate or his treasurer by any person, campaign committee, or political committee pursuant to subsection D of § 24.2-947.3, and in the case of in-kind contributions, shall set forth in each instance the source of the information reported.

E. The report shall list separately all loans and, for each loan, shall give:

1. The date the loan was made;

2. The name and address of the person making the loan and any person who is a co-borrower, guarantor, or endorser of the loan;

3. The amount of the loan;

4. The date and amount of any repayment of the loan; and

5. For any loan or part of a loan that is forgiven by the lender, the amount forgiven listed as both a contribution and loan repayment.

F. The State Board shall provide for a “no activity” report that may be filed for any reporting period in which the filer has no activity to report.

G. It is the joint responsibility of the candidate and his treasurer that the report of a candidate be filed, that the report be in full and accurate detail, and that the report be received by the State Board, general registrar, or both, by the deadline for filing the report.


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