§ 24.2-949.9:2

Out-of-state political committees; reporting requirements

A. The provisions of this section are applicable only to out-of-state political committees.

B. After the committee has met the requirements of § 24.2-949.9:1 and upon making any contribution to a candidate campaign committee or political committee registered in Virginia, the committee shall report its contributions and contributors in accordance with subsection C to the State Board of Elections by computer or electronic means as prescribed in § 24.2-946.1.

C. The report required by subsection B shall include (i) a report of the contributions the committee has made to candidate campaign committees or political committees in the Commonwealth since the filing of a report of its contributions pursuant to subsection D of § 24.2-949.9:1 or this subsection during the period covered by the report and (ii) a list of each contributor who has contributed to the committee $ 2,500 or more in the aggregate since the filing of a list of its contributors pursuant to subsection D of § 24.2-949.9:1 or this subsection with the contributor’s name, address, occupation, employer, and place of business and the dates and amounts of the contributor’s contributions during the period covered by the report.

D. Upon transfer of a designated contribution to a designated candidate’s campaign committee, the committee shall provide information to the campaign committee to identify the contributor as provided by § 24.2-947.4.

E. The reporting requirements of this section shall continue in effect for each committee until a final report is filed that sets forth all contributions and expenditures not previously reported. The final report shall include a termination statement, signed by an officer of the committee, that all reporting is complete and final.


2006, cc. 771, 805, § 24.2-910.2; 2008, cc. 152, 289.


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