§ 25.1-217

Substitution of party where owner becomes incapable of defending

A. If an owner becomes incapable of defending because of death, insanity, conviction of felony, removal from office, or other cause, his successor in interest may be substituted as a party in his place. Substitution shall be made on motion of the successor or of any party to the proceedings.

B. If the successor does not make or consent to the motion, the party making the motion shall file it with the court and the procedure thereon and the service of notice of such motion, if any, shall be in whatever manner the court may require as reasonable and proper in the circumstances involved but in no event shall the period of time required for any notice be greater than that which is prescribed for the notice in § 25.1-209 or § 25.1-210.


1962, c. 426, § 25-46.15; 2003, c. 940.


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