Condemnation Proceedings

This is Article 2 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Condemnation Proceedings.” It is part of Title 25.1, titled “Eminent Domain.” It is part of Chapter 2, titled “Condemnation Procedures.” It’s comprised of the following 18 sections.

§ 25.1-205
Commencement of proceedings
§ 25.1-205.1
Mandatory dispute resolution orientation session
§ 25.1-206
Petition for condemnation
§ 25.1-207
Inclusion in petition of request for right of entry
§ 25.1-208
Joinder of separate parcels
§ 25.1-209
Notice of filing of petition
§ 25.1-210
Service of notice by order of publication; mailing copy of notice by publication
§ 25.1-212
Personal service of notice on nonresident owner
§ 25.1-213
Filing an answer and grounds of defense; election of commissioners or jury
§ 25.1-214
Failure of owner to file answer and grounds of defense
§ 25.1-215
No notice required where owner is a person under a disability; appointment of guardian ad litem
§ 25.1-216
Amendments to pleadings
§ 25.1-217
Substitution of party where owner becomes incapable of defending
§ 25.1-218
Intervention in proceedings
§ 25.1-219
Pretrial settlement conference; determination of preliminary issues; fixing date of trial on issue of just compensation
§ 25.1-220
Who determines issue of just compensation
§ 25.1-221
Consolidation of petitions for trial
§ 25.1-222
Proceedings not to be delayed by claims with respect to ownership of property