§ 25.1-237

Payment of compensation and damages into court; vesting of title

Upon the return of the report of the body determining just compensation, and the confirmation, alteration or modification thereof in the manner provided in this chapter, the sum so ascertained by the court as compensation and damages, if any, to the property owners may be paid into court. Upon paying such sum into court, title to the property and rights condemned shall vest in the petitioner to the extent prayed for in the petition, unless such title shall have already vested in the petitioner in a manner otherwise provided by law. The petitioner or its agent shall have the right to enter and construct its works or improvements upon or through the property described in its petition.


Code 1919, § 4369; Code 1950, §§ 25-19, 25-20; 1962, c. 426, § 25-46.24; 2000, c. 1029; 2003, c. 940.


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