§ 8.01-602

Proceedings when owner of money under control of court unknown

Whenever any money has remained payable or distributable for one year in the custody or under the control of any court of this Commonwealth without anyone known to the court claiming the same, except funds deposited as compensation and damages in condemnation proceedings pursuant to § 25.1-237 pending a final order or pursuant to § 33.2-1019, the court shall cause such money to be reported and then remitted to the State Treasurer pursuant to §§ 55-210.9:1, 55-210.12 and 55-210.14.The general receiver, if one has been appointed, and the clerk of the circuit court shall be responsible for identifying such money held by them in their respective control pursuant to §§ 8.01-582 and 8.01-600 and for petitioning the court to remit as provided in this section.


Code 1950, § 8-746; 1966, c. 210; 1977, c. 617; 1982, c. 155; 1984, c. 121; 1987, c. 708; 1988, c. 841.


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