§ 25.1-312

Reformation, alteration, revision, amendment or invalidation of certificate

A. No reformation, alteration, revision, amendment or invalidation shall be made to a recorded certificate for any purpose without the prior consent of the court wherein such certificate is recorded.

B. The court shall have jurisdiction to:

1. Reform, alter, revise, amend or invalidate, in whole or in part, any certificate; and

2. Correct mistakes in the description of the property affected by such certificate, the name or names of the owner or owners in the certificate, or any other error that may exist with respect to such certificate for any other purpose.

C. A petition filed by the authorized condemnor with the court setting forth any error made in such certificate, or the necessity of any change therein, shall be deemed sufficient basis for the reformation, alteration, revision, amendment or invalidation in whole or in part of such certificate.

D. The court may enter an order permitting the reformation, alteration, revision, amendment or invalidation, in whole or in part, of the certificate. Such order, together with any revised certificate that may be necessary, shall be recorded in the clerk’s office in the same manner required for the recordation of a certificate. The filing of any certificate pursuant to the provisions of this section shall not alter the date of taking as established by the recordation of the original certificate pursuant to § 25.1-307 as to any property that is included in the amended certificate. An amended certificate shall not include any property not included in the original certificate.

E. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit or preclude any person damaged by reason of a mistake in, or the invalidation of, a certificate from showing the damage suffered by reason of such mistake or invalidation in a condemnation proceeding.


2003, c. 940.


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