§ 25.1-318

Petition by owner for determination of just compensation

A. The owner of property that an authorized condemnor has entered and taken possession of pursuant to the provisions of this chapter may petition the circuit court of the locality in which the greater portion of the property lies for the appointment of commissioners or the empanelment of a jury to determine just compensation for the property taken and damages done, if any, to such property, as provided in Chapter 2 (§ 25.1-200 et seq.) if (i) the owner and the authorized condemnor have not reached an agreement as to compensation and damages, if any, and (ii) the authorized condemnor:

1. Has not completed the construction of the contemplated improvements upon the property after a reasonable time for such construction has elapsed; or

2. Has not instituted condemnation proceedings within:

a. Sixty days after completion of the construction of the contemplated improvements upon the property; or

b. One year after the authorized condemnor has entered upon and taken possession of the property, regardless of whether the construction of the contemplated improvements has been completed.

B. A copy of such petition shall be served upon the authorized condemnor at least 10 days before it is filed in the court. The authorized condemnor shall file an answer thereto within five days after the filing of the petition. If the court finds that the conditions prerequisite for such appointment as provided in subsection A are satisfied, the court shall appoint commissioners or empanel a jury, as requested in the owner’s petition, to ascertain the amount of compensation to be paid for the property taken and damages done, if any. The proceedings shall thereafter be governed by the procedure prescribed by Chapter 2 (§ 25.1-200 et seq.) insofar as the same may be applicable.


2003, c. 940; 2006, c. 586; 2010, c. 835.


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