§ 28.2-226.1

Recreational gear license required

A. Any person desiring to take or catch finfish or shellfish for recreational purposes in the tidal waters of the Commonwealth using commercial gear authorized under § 28.2-226.2, and for which an exemption is not provided in § 28.2-226, or included in § 28.2-302.1, shall first obtain the appropriate commercial gear license for recreational purposes. A license to use such gear for recreational purposes shall be issued to an individual for his exclusive use and shall not be transferable.

B. All gear licenses issued for recreational purposes shall be so marked.

C. Any person who has obtained a commercial gear license for recreational purposes only shall be exempt from the commercial fishing registration requirements of §§ 28.2-241 and 28.2-242.

D. For purposes of this section and §§ 28.2-226.2 and 28.2-232, “recreational purposes” means finfish or shellfish taken for personal use and not sold, traded, bartered or given to another in order to be sold, traded or bartered.

E. Holders of licenses under this section shall report catch and other data as is deemed necessary by the Commission for effective fisheries management.


1993, c. 219; 2005, c. 124; 2015, c. 468.


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