§ 28.2-226.2

Commission to establish requirements for commercial gear licenses used for recreational purposes

A. The Commission is authorized to establish the type and amount of commercial gear that can be used for taking finfish and shellfish for recreational purposes. The license fees for use of recreational gear shall be the same as fees charged for the particular gear when used commercially.

B. The Commission shall not issue to any licensee a recreational gear license that exceeds the following limitations:

1. One gill net up to 300 feet in length, $ 7.50;

2. Up to 10 crab pots with turtle excluder devices, $ 36; up to 10 crab pots without turtle excluder devices, $ 46;

3. One crab trap or crab pound, $ 5;

4. One crab scrape, $ 16; or

5. Two eel pots, $ 10.

C. All fees collected pursuant to this section shall be deposited in the state treasury and credited to the Virginia Marine Products Fund as established under § 3.2-2705.

D. The Commission may subsequently revise the cost of licenses pursuant to § 28.2-201.


1993, c. 219; 2001, c. 28; 2009, c. 9; 2016, c. 136.


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