§ 28.2-400

Application for license for resident or nonresident to catch menhaden

A. Any nonresident owning or holding by lease or charter a purse net, seine, or vessel of any description used in the waters of this Commonwealth, or waters within the jurisdiction of this Commonwealth, to catch menhaden shall apply to the Commissioner for a license. A resident shall apply for a license to the Commissioner through the officer assigned to the district in which the fish processing factory is located, or in which the applicant resides or has its principal office.

B. If the applicant for a license is a corporation, the application shall be made by an officer or one of the directors of the corporation; if the applicant is a partnership, the application shall be made by a general partner; if the applicant is a joint venture or other firm, by a member thereof; and if the applicant is an individual, by such individual.

C. The application shall be in writing and sworn to by the applicant before a notary public or other person authorized to administer oaths and shall disclose:

1. The true name of the person, firm, or corporation owning the purse net, seine, or vessel, and all the related apparatus, and the true name of any persons, firms, or corporations holding the same by lease or charter, for which the license is desired; if it is a firm, the true names of all the members of the firm; and, if it is a corporation, whether it is a domestic or foreign corporation and the location of its principal office.

2. The name of each vessel for which such a license is desired.

3. The location of the factory which is to process the menhaden so taken and caught.

4. That, during the period of this license, the applicant will not violate any of the laws of the Commonwealth in regard to the taking and catching of fish.


Code 1950, § 28-63; 1962, c. 406, § 28.1-61; 1966, c. 684; 1978, c. 347; 1992, c. 836.


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