§ 28.2-401

Service of process for nonresident individuals, foreign corporations, general and limited partnerships

A. A nonresident applicant who is an individual shall by written power of attorney appoint the Secretary of the Commonwealth his agent, upon whom shall be served all lawful process against or notice to such licensee, and who shall be authorized to enter an appearance in his behalf. The service shall only be made in duplicate upon the Secretary of the Commonwealth. The power of attorney shall be filed with the Secretary of the Commonwealth, and copies certified by him shall be received as evidence in all the courts of this Commonwealth. No judgment shall be entered against the licensee until after the process has been served for at least ten days.Whenever lawful process against, or notice to, any such individual is served, the Secretary of the Commonwealth shall immediately mail a copy of such process or notice to such individual. The Secretary of the Commonwealth shall collect the fee prescribed in § 2.2-409 for the service of process or notice, which shall be paid by the plaintiff at the time of such service. The costs shall be recoverable by the plaintiff as a part of the taxable costs if he prevails in the suit or action.A judgment, decree or order of the court entered or made against any such individual shall be as valid and binding on such individual as if he had been a resident and served with process or notice.

B. The service of process on (i) a nonresident firm or corporation shall be as provided in § 13.1-766, (ii) a general partnership shall be as provided in § 8.01-304 and (iii) a limited partnership shall be as provided in § 50-73.7.


Code 1950, § 28-62; 1962, c. 406, § 28.1-60; 1976, c. 384; 1978, c. 347; 1992, c. 836.


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