§ 29.1-310.1

Sportsman’s hunting and fishing license established

A. Upon implementation of an automated point-of-sale licensing system, any resident individual may apply for and receive from the Department, after payment of the appropriate fee, a sportsman’s hunting and fishing license. This license shall serve in lieu of any person having to obtain hunting or fishing licenses provided for under subdivision 2 of § 29.1-303 and §§ 29.1-305, 29.1-306, and 29.1-307, and subdivisions A 2 and B 1 of § 29.1-310.

B. Applications for the license authorized by this section shall be made to the Department. The license shall be valid for the seasons as established by the Board. The form and issuance of the license shall conform to the provisions of this chapter for all licenses.

C. The Board shall establish the fee for this license, which shall not exceed the total cost of purchasing each license separately.


2000, c. 12; 2007, c. 40; 2014, c. 136.


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