§ 29.1-330

Delivery to clerk or agent; return of unused annually expiring materials and unsold licenses; voluntary contributions

A. The Director shall send to each clerk or agent before the first day of the license year as many annually expiring licensing materials and licenses as he may deem necessary and shall hold each accountable for the amount and number sent. Clerks and agents shall, within 10 days after the end of the license year, return to the Director all unused annually expiring licensing materials, unsold licenses and the stubs of licenses sold. All annually expiring licensing materials and serially numbered licenses shall be accounted for by the Director. For licensing conducted by telephone or electronic media, the Director shall determine what additional equipment and nonannually expiring licensing materials are required by the clerks or agents, and he shall make available such equipment and materials to agents according to a schedule he deems appropriate.

B. Any form used in applying for a hunting permit or license issued under this title shall include language permitting the applicant to make a voluntary contribution of at least $ 2 to support the activities of Virginia Hunters Who Care, Inc., known as Hunters For The Hungry.


Code 1950, § 29-68; 1976, c. 660; 1980, c. 494; 1987, c. 488; 2000, c. 132; 2003, cc. 95, 737; 2010, c. 3.


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