§ 29.1-332

License and permit receipts; compensation for issuing; sums to be credited to game protection fund

A. Notwithstanding the provisions of § 2.2-1802, the money received for licenses and permits issued under this title shall be paid by each clerk or agent to the Department for payment into the state treasury. Payment shall be made by means prescribed by the Board and agreed to by the clerk or agent. For license sales by telephone or electronic media, the means of payment may include a continuous deposit of proceeds from the sale of licenses into accounts from which the Department may electronically transfer funds to a Departmental or state account at agreed-upon intervals. For license sales made other than by telephone or electronic media, the clerk or agent shall add $.50 to the fee for each license or permit he issues and retain the $.50 as compensation for such service.

B. Upon receipt into the treasury of such sums the Comptroller shall credit the sums to the game protection fund or to the Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Endowment Fund for licenses sold pursuant to § 29.1-302.1.

C. The voluntary contributions collected pursuant to subsection B of § 29.1-330 and remitted to the Department shall be deposited into the state treasury and credited to a special nonreverting fund, within the game protection fund, known as the Feed the Hungry Fund. Monies in this fund shall be disbursed quarterly to Hunters For The Hungry to support its programs to feed the hungry and other statewide activities related to this mission.


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