§ 30-193

Capitol Square Preservation Council; membership; terms; compensation and expenses; quorum; “Capitol Square” defined

A. The Capitol Square Preservation Council (the Council) is established in the legislative branch of state government. The Council shall consist of 13 members as follows: three members appointed by the Speaker of the House of Delegates, after consideration of the lists of nominations provided by the governing bodies of The Garden Club of Virginia, the Historic Richmond Foundation and the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, if any; two members appointed by the Senate Committee on Rules, after consideration of the lists of nominations provided by the governing bodies of the Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, if any; five nonlegislative citizen members appointed by the Governor, two after consideration of the lists of nominations provided by the governing bodies of the Virginia Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects and the Virginia Historical Society, if any, one from the membership of the Citizens’ Advisory Council on Furnishing and Interpreting the Executive Mansion and two citizens at large; the Secretary of Administration, or his designee; and the Clerks of the House of Delegates and the Senate who shall serve ex officio with voting privileges. Nonlegislative citizen members shall be citizens of the Commonwealth.

B. A personnel committee of the Council is established, consisting of the Clerk of the House of Delegates, the Clerk of the Senate, the Secretary of Administration, and the chairman of the Council or their designees. The personnel committee shall establish the personnel policies for the Executive Director of the Council employed pursuant to § 30-194. The Executive Director shall report to the personnel committee regarding proposed projects and activities and shall seek the prior approval of the personnel committee for personnel expenditures related to such projects and activities.

C. Following the initial staggering of terms, all appointments to the Council shall be for terms of three years, except any legislative member appointed shall serve a term coincident with his terms of office. Vacancies occurring other than by expiration of a term shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as the original appointment. No member shall be eligible to serve more than two successive three-year terms, except any legislative member appointed may be reappointed for successive terms without limitation. However, after expiration of a term of three years or less, or after the expiration of the remainder of a term to which he was appointed to fill a vacancy, two additional terms may be served by such member if appointed thereto.

D. The members of the Council shall elect from among its membership a chairman and a vice-chairman for two-year terms. The chairman and vice-chairman may not succeed themselves to the same position. The Council shall hold meetings quarterly, or upon the call of the chairman. A majority of the members of the Council shall constitute a quorum.

E. Members of the Council shall not receive compensation, but shall be reimbursed for all reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties as provided in §§ 2.2-2813 and 2.2-2825. Funding for the costs of expenses of the members shall be provided from existing appropriations to the Council.

F. For the purposes of this article, “Capitol Square” means the grounds and the interior and exterior of all buildings in that area in the City of Richmond bounded by Bank, Governor, Broad and Ninth Streets. The term also includes the exterior of all state buildings that are at least 50 years old and bordering the boundary streets. The term does not include the interiors of the General Assembly Building, the Washington Building, the Jefferson Building or the Governor’s Mansion.


2002, c. 491; 2004, c. 1000; 2012, cc. 803, 835.


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