§ 30-194

Powers and duties of the Council; executive director; annual report

A. With regard to the architectural, historical, archeological and landscape features of Capitol Square and antiquities contained therein, the Council shall:

1. Inventory and assess their condition;

2. Develop plans and recommendations for their maintenance and preservation and for the enhancement of their historical and architectural integrity;

3. Develop recommendations for the promotion of activities and efforts that will enhance interpretive and educational opportunities; and

4. Review all plans or proposals for alterations, improvements, additions, renovations or other disposition that is structural or architectural in nature. No implementation of such plans or proposals shall take place prior to review by the Council. The Council shall report its findings on each plan or proposal to the Governor and the agency responsible for the plan or proposal. However, the Council’s executive director and the Director of the Department of General Services shall enter into a memorandum of agreement describing the type of plans and proposals that are of such a routine or operational nature to not require review by the Council.

B. The Council may employ an executive director and determine his duties and compensation within the amounts appropriated therefor. The executive director shall be qualified to carry out the duties to which he is assigned and shall work at the pleasure of the Council. The Council may also obtain such assistance as it may deem necessary, and may employ, within the amounts appropriated therefor, experts who have special knowledge of the issues before the Council.

C. The Council may, unless otherwise restricted by the Governor or the General Assembly, under terms approved by the Attorney General, accept gifts and grants in furtherance of its duties. This provision shall be deemed to be in addition to and not in conflict with any other powers or authorities related to the acceptance of gifts and grants under other provisions of this Code.

D. The Council may enter into contracts in the furtherance of its duties in accordance with the Virginia Public Procurement Act (§ 2.2-4300 et seq.).

E. The Council shall make a report on its activities and recommendations, if any, annually by December 1 to the Governor and the General Assembly. The Council shall make such further interim reports to the Governor and the General Assembly as it deems advisable or as required by the General Assembly.


2002, c. 491.


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