§ 33.2-1800


As used in this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning:”Affected locality or public entity” means any county, city, or town in which all or a portion of a qualifying transportation facility is located and any other responsible public entity directly affected by the qualifying transportation facility.”Commission” means the State Corporation Commission.”Comprehensive agreement” means the comprehensive agreement between the private entity and the responsible public entity required by § 33.2-1808.”Concession” means any lease, license, franchise, easement, or other binding agreement transferring rights for the use or control, in whole or in part, of a qualifying transportation facility by a responsible public entity to a private entity for a definite term during which the private entity will provide transportation-related services, including operations and maintenance, revenue collection, toll-collection enforcement, design, construction, and other activities that enhance throughput, reduce congestion, or otherwise manage the facility, in return for the right to receive all or a portion of the revenues of the qualifying transportation facility.”Concession payment” means a payment from a private entity to a responsible public entity in connection with the development and/or operation of a qualifying transportation facility pursuant to a concession.”Develop” or “development” means to plan, design, develop, finance, lease, acquire, install, construct, or expand.”Interim agreement” means an agreement, including a memorandum of understanding or binding preliminary agreement, between the private entity and the responsible public entity that provides for completion of studies and any other activities to advance the development and/or operation of a qualifying transportation facility.”Material default” means any default by the private entity in the performance of its duties under subsection E of § 33.2-1807 that jeopardizes adequate service to the public from a qualifying transportation facility and remains unremedied after the responsible public entity has provided notice to the private entity and a reasonable cure period has elapsed.”Multimodal transportation facility” means a transportation facility consisting of multiple modes of transportation.”Operate” or “operation” means to finance, maintain, improve, equip, modify, repair, or operate.”Private entity” means any natural person, corporation, general partnership, limited liability company, limited partnership, joint venture, business trust, public benefit corporation, nonprofit entity, or other business entity.”Public entity” means the Commonwealth and any agency or authority thereof; any county, city, or town; and any other political subdivision of any of the foregoing, but does not include any public service company.”Qualifying transportation facility” means one or more transportation facilities developed and/or operated by a private entity pursuant to this chapter.”Responsible public entity” means a public entity, including local governments and regional authorities, that has the power to develop and/or operate the qualifying transportation facility.”Revenues” means all revenues, including income; earnings; user fees; lease payments; allocations; federal, state, regional, and local appropriations or the appropriations or other funds available to any political subdivision, authority, or instrumentality thereof; bond proceeds; equity investments, service payments, or any combination thereof arising out of or in connection with supporting the development and/or operation of a qualifying transportation facility, including money received as grants or otherwise from the United States of America, from any public entity, or from any agency or instrumentality of the foregoing in aid of such facility.”Service contract” means a contract entered into between a public entity and the private entity pursuant to § 33.2-1804.”Service payments” means payments to the private entity in connection with the development and/or operation of a qualifying transportation facility pursuant to a service contract.”State” means the Commonwealth of Virginia.”Transportation facility” means any road, bridge, tunnel, overpass, ferry, airport, mass transit facility, vehicle parking facility, port facility, or similar commercial facility used for the transportation of persons or goods, together with any buildings, structures, parking areas, appurtenances, and other property needed to operate such facility; however, “transportation facility” does not include a commercial or retail use or enterprise not essential to the transportation of persons or goods.”User fees” mean the rates, tolls, fees, or other charges imposed by the private entity for use of all or a portion of a qualifying transportation facility pursuant to the interim or comprehensive agreement.


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