§ 33.2-1805

Affected localities or public entities

A. Any private entity requesting approval from, or submitting a proposal to, a responsible public entity under § 33.2-1803 shall notify each affected locality or public entity by furnishing a copy of its request or proposal to each affected locality or public entity.

B. Each affected locality or public entity that is not a responsible public entity for the respective qualifying transportation facility shall, within 60 days after receiving a request for comments from the responsible public entity, submit in writing any comments it may have on the proposed qualifying transportation facility to the responsible public entity and indicate whether the facility will address the needs identified in the appropriate state, regional, or local transportation plan by improving safety, reducing congestion, increasing capacity, enhancing economic efficiency, or any combination thereof.

C. Any qualifying transportation facility, title or easement to which is held by the Commonwealth or an agency or authority therefor and the rights to develop or operate which have been granted to the private entity through a concession as defined in § 33.2-1800, shall be subject to the provisions of Title 15.2 in the same manner as a facility of the Commonwealth, mutatis mutandis, except that such private entity shall comply with the provisions of subsections B and C of § 15.2-2202 as they relate to the affected locality’s or public entity’s comprehensive plan.


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