§ 33.2-2509

Northern Virginia Transportation Authority Fund

There is hereby created in the state treasury a special nonreverting fund for Planning District 8 to be known as the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority Fund, referred to in this chapter as “the Fund.” The Fund shall be established on the books of the Comptroller. All revenues dedicated to the Fund pursuant to §§ 58.1-638, 58.1-802.2, and 58.1-1742, any other funds that may be appropriated by the General Assembly, and any funds that may be received for the credit of the Fund from any other source shall be paid into the state treasury and credited to the Fund. Interest earned on moneys in the Fund shall remain in the Fund and be credited to it. Any moneys remaining in the Fund, including interest thereon, at the end of each fiscal year shall not revert to the general fund but shall remain in the Fund.The amounts dedicated to the Fund pursuant to §§ 58.1-638, 58.1-802.2, and 58.1-1742 shall be deposited monthly by the Comptroller into the Fund and thereafter distributed to the Authority as soon as practicable for use in accordance with § 33.2-2510. If the Authority determines that such moneys distributed to it exceed the amount required to meet the current needs and demands to fund transportation projects pursuant to § 33.2-2510, the Authority may invest such excess moneys to the same extent as provided in subsection A of § 33.2-1525 for excess funds in the Transportation Trust Fund.The amounts deposited into the Fund and the distribution and expenditure of such amounts shall not be used to calculate or reduce the share of federal, state, or local revenues otherwise available to participating jurisdictions. Further, such revenues and moneys shall not be included in any computation of, or formula for, a locality’s ability to pay for public education, upon which appropriations of state revenues to local governments for public education are determined.


2013, c. 766, § 15.2-4838.01; 2014, c. 805.


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