§ 33.2-269

Localities may use design-build contracts

Localities may award contracts for the construction of transportation projects on a design-build basis. These contracts may be awarded after a written determination is made by the chief executive officer of the locality that delivery of the projects must be expedited and that it is not in the public interest to comply with the design and construction contracting procedures normally followed. These contracts shall be of such size and scope to encourage maximum competition and participation by qualified contractors. Such determination shall be retained for public inspection in the official records of the locality and shall include a description of the nature and scope of the project and the reasons for the determination that awarding a design-build contract will best serve the public interest. If state or federal transportation funds are used for the contract, then the locality shall comply with the provisions of §§ 33.2-209 and 33.2-214 and shall request from the Department the authority to administer the project in accordance with pertinent state or federal requirements.


2006, c. 419, § 33.1-223.2:16; 2014, c. 805.


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