Department Of Transportation

This is Article 4 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Department Of Transportation.” It is part of Title 33.2, titled “Highways And Other Surface Transportation Systems.” It is part of Subtitle I, titled “General Provisions And Transportation Entities.” It is part of Chapter 2, titled “Transportation Entities.” It’s comprised of the following 27 sections.

§ 33.2-256
Department of Transportation established
§ 33.2-257
Responsibilities of the Department of Transportation for analysis of transportation projects in the Northern Virginia Transportation District
§ 33.2-257.1
Notice to be provided to property owners of pending transportation projects
§ 33.2-258
Environmental permits for highway projects; timely review
§ 33.2-259
Maintain drainage easements
§ 33.2-260
Specifications in purchasing lubricating motor oil
§ 33.2-261
Value engineering required in certain projects
§ 33.2-262
Removal of snow from driveways of volunteer fire departments and emergency medical services agencies
§ 33.2-263
School bus stop signs or other indicators
§ 33.2-264
Livestock on right-of-way of the systems of state highways
§ 33.2-265
Comprehensive roadside management program
§ 33.2-266
Intermittent closing of highways subject to flooding; permits; notice
§ 33.2-267
Family restrooms
§ 33.2-268
Contractor performance bonds for locally administered transportation improvement projects
§ 33.2-269
Localities may use design-build contracts
§ 33.2-270
Provide for training of certain local employees
§ 33.2-271
Maintain property acquired for construction of transportation projects
§ 33.2-272
Location of landfill gas pipelines in highway right-of-way; Department of Transportation to provide notice to counties
§ 33.2-273
Use of steel plates in connection with highway repairs
§ 33.2-274
Application and installation of traffic control measures
§ 33.2-274.1
Roadside safety devices to be equipped with identification numbers
§ 33.2-275
Periodic quantitative rating of certain highways
§ 33.2-276
Noise abatement practices and technologies
§ 33.2-277
Sale of materials to, and use of equipment by, localities and school boards
§ 33.2-278
Facilities for persons desiring to fish from bridges
§ 33.2-279
Use of streams and lowlands obstructed by newly constructed highways as fishponds or water storage areas
§ 33.2-280
Treatment of highway surfaces for dust control