§ 33.2-354

Commonwealth Transportation Board to develop and update Statewide Pedestrian Policy

A. The Board shall develop and update as needed a Statewide Pedestrian Policy. The Board shall:

1. Provide opportunities for receipt of comments, suggestions, and information from local governments, business and civic organizations, and other concerned parties;

2. Identify and evaluate needs at statewide, regional, and local levels for additional facilities required to promote pedestrian access to schools, places of employment and recreation, and major activity centers;

3. Consider and evaluate potential ways of meeting these needs; and

4. Set forth conclusions as to goals, objectives, and strategies to meet these needs in a safety-conscious manner.

B. The Board shall coordinate the development of the Statewide Pedestrian Policy with that of the Statewide Transportation Plan provided for in § 33.2-353 and cover the same 20-year planning horizon. The Statewide Pedestrian Policy shall be summarized in a public document and made available to the general public upon presentation to the Governor and General Assembly, either in combination with the Statewide Transportation Plan or as a separate document.


2002, c. 453, § 33.1-23.03:001; 2014, c. 805.


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