Allocation Of Highway Funds

This is Article 5 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Allocation Of Highway Funds.” It is part of Title 33.2, titled “Highways And Other Surface Transportation Systems.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Modes Of Transportation: Highways, Bridges, Ferries, Rail, And Public Transportation.” It is part of Chapter 3, titled “Highway Systems.” It’s comprised of the following 20 sections.

§ 33.2-351
Definition of "allocation."
§ 33.2-352
Asset management practices; report
§ 33.2-353
Commonwealth Transportation Board to develop and update Statewide Transportation Plan
§ 33.2-354
Commonwealth Transportation Board to develop and update Statewide Pedestrian Policy
§ 33.2-355
Goals for addressing transportation needs of populations with limited mobility
§ 33.2-356
Funding for extraordinary repairs
§ 33.2-357
Revenue-sharing funds for systems in certain localities
§ 33.2-358
Allocation of funds among highway systems
§ 33.2-359
Unpaved secondary highway funds
§ 33.2-360
Allocation of funds for interstate match
§ 33.2-361
§ 33.2-363
Construction of U.S. Route 29 bypass
§ 33.2-364
§ 33.2-365
Allocation of proceeds of Commonwealth of Virginia Transportation Capital Projects Revenue Bonds
§ 33.2-366
Funds for counties that have withdrawn or elect to withdraw from the secondary state highway system
§ 33.2-367
Highway aid to mass transit
§ 33.2-368
Financial plans for transportation construction projects
§ 33.2-369
State of good repair
§ 33.2-370
High-priority projects program
§ 33.2-371
Highway construction district grant programs