§ 33.2-370

High-priority projects program

A. As used in this section, “high-priority projects” means those projects of regional or statewide significance, such as projects that reduce congestion or increase safety, accessibility, environmental quality, or economic development.

B. The Board shall establish a high-priority projects program and shall use funds allocated in § 33.2-358 to the program for projects and strategies that address a transportation need identified for a corridor of statewide significance or a regional network in the Statewide Transportation Plan pursuant to § 33.2-353. From funds allocated to this program, the Board shall allocate funds to the Innovation and Technology Transportation Fund, provided that the allocation shall not exceed $ 25 million annually.In selecting projects and strategies for funding under this program, the Board shall screen, evaluate, and select candidate projects and strategies according to the process established pursuant to subsection B of § 33.2-214.1.


2015, c. 684.


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