Commissioner Of Highways

This is Article 3 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Commissioner Of Highways.” It is part of Title 33.2, titled “Highways And Other Surface Transportation Systems.” It is part of Subtitle I, titled “General Provisions And Transportation Entities.” It is part of Chapter 2, titled “Transportation Entities.” It’s comprised of the following 34 sections.

§ 33.2-222
Commissioner of Highways
§ 33.2-223
General powers of Commissioner of Highways
§ 33.2-224
Employees; delegation of responsibilities
§ 33.2-225
Liaison duties with other organizations
§ 33.2-226
Authority to lease or convey airspace
§ 33.2-227
Defense of employees
§ 33.2-228
Agreements between Commissioner of Highways and certain localities
§ 33.2-229
Furnishing information regarding right-of-way transactions
§ 33.2-230
Written notice of decision to dispose of real property
§ 33.2-231
Establish community service landscaping program
§ 33.2-232
Annual report by Commissioner of Highways
§ 33.2-233
Gathering and reporting of information and statistics
§ 33.2-234
Construction by state or local employees
§ 33.2-235
§ 33.2-236
Maps or plats prepared at request and expense of local governing bodies and other groups; Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy to seek other existing sources
§ 33.2-237
Directional signs for certain educational institutions
§ 33.2-238
Closing highways for safety of public or proper completion of construction; injury to barriers, signs, etc
§ 33.2-239
Providing highway detours
§ 33.2-240
Connections over shoulders of highways for intersecting private roads
§ 33.2-241
Connections over shoulders of highways for intersecting commercial establishment entrances; penalty
§ 33.2-242
Replacing entrances destroyed in the repair or construction of highways
§ 33.2-243
Paying for damages sustained to personal property by reason of work projects, etc
§ 33.2-244
Removal of snow and ice from public highways by private entities
§ 33.2-245
Comprehensive highway access management standards
§ 33.2-246
Recreational waysides; regulations; penalties
§ 33.2-247
Wetlands mitigation banking
§ 33.2-248
Expenditure of funds for interstate bridges and approaches
§ 33.2-249
Maintenance and operation of bridges or tunnels on the city and state line
§ 33.2-250
Improving certain private roads and certain town streets and roads
§ 33.2-251
Installation and maintenance of "children at play" signs in counties and towns
§ 33.2-252
Tramways and railways along or across public highways; appeals
§ 33.2-253
Highway safety corridor program
§ 33.2-254
Erection and maintenance of newspaper route boxes
§ 33.2-255
Sale or lease of properties acquired for highway construction