Secondary State Highway System.

This is Article 3 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Secondary State Highway System..” It is part of Title 33.2, titled “Highways And Other Surface Transportation Systems.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Modes Of Transportation: Highways, Bridges, Ferries, Rail, And Public Transportation.” It is part of Chapter 3, titled “Highway Systems.” It’s comprised of the following 22 sections.

§ 33.2-324
Secondary state highway system; composition
§ 33.2-325
Certain school roads in secondary state highway system
§ 33.2-326
Control, supervision, and management of secondary state highway system components
§ 33.2-327
Design standards for secondary state highway system components
§ 33.2-328
Department of Transportation to install and maintain certain signs
§ 33.2-329
Transfer of control, etc., of landings, docks, and wharves to Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
§ 33.2-330
Relocation or removal of utility facilities within secondary state highway system construction projects
§ 33.2-331
Annual meeting with county officers; six-year plan for secondary state highways; certain reimbursements required
§ 33.2-332
Requesting Department of Transportation to hard-surface secondary highways; paving of certain secondary highways within existing rights-of-way; designation as Rural Rustic Road
§ 33.2-333
Emergency paving of unpaved secondary highways; notice and local concurrence
§ 33.2-334
Requirements for taking new streets into secondary state highway system
§ 33.2-335
Taking certain streets into secondary state highway system
§ 33.2-336
Funds allocated to counties for Rural Addition Program; street standards
§ 33.2-337
Contributions to primary or secondary state highway construction by counties
§ 33.2-338
Construction and improvement of primary or secondary highways by counties
§ 33.2-339
Maintenance, etc., of streets and highways in certain towns from secondary funds
§ 33.2-340
Maintenance, etc., by Commissioner of Highways when no request for allocation
§ 33.2-341
Maps of secondary state highway system
§ 33.2-342
Resumption of responsibility for secondary state highways by counties
§ 33.2-343
Return after withdrawal from secondary state highway system
§ 33.2-345
Effect of election to determine return to the secondary state highway system
§ 33.2-346
Machinery, etc., owned by returning county