§ 34-22

Waiver of exemption; its effect; form of waiver

If any person shall declare in a bond, bill, note or other instrument by which he is or may become liable for the payment of money to another or by a writing thereon or annexed thereto that he waives, as to such obligation, the exemption from liability of the property or estate which he may be entitled to claim and hold exempt under the provisions of this chapter, such property or estate, whether previously set apart or not, shall be liable to be subjected for such obligation, under legal process, in like manner and to the same extent as other property or estate of such person. But such waiver shall not extend to or affect the exemption of the property or estate exempt under §§ 34-26, 34-27 and 34-29. The following or equivalent words shall be sufficient to operate as the waiver hereinbefore provided for: “I (or we) waive the benefit of my (or our) exemption as to this obligation.” If a debt which is superior to the homestead, or as to which the homestead is waived, be paid off by a surety therein, the principal shall not be allowed to claim the homestead as against such surety.


Code 1919, § 6548.


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