§ 34-27

Additional articles exempted to householder engaged in agriculture

If the householder be at the time actually engaged in the business of agriculture, there shall also be exempt from such levy or distress, while he is so engaged, to be selected by him or his agent, the following articles, or so many thereof as he may have, to wit: a pair of horses or mules unless he selects or has selected a horse or mule under § 34-26, in which case he shall be entitled to select under this section only one, with the necessary gearing, one wagon or cart, one tractor, not exceeding in value $ 3,000, two plows, one drag, one harvest cradle, one pitchfork, one rake, two iron wedges and fertilizer and fertilizer material not exceeding in value $ 1,000. It shall not be required that a householder designate any property exempt under this section in a deed in order to secure such exemption.


Code 1919, § 6533; 1932, p. 324; 1956, c. 637; 1970, c. 428; 1977, c. 496; 1993, c. 150.


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