§ 35.1-13

Regulations governing hotels

Regulations of the Board governing hotels shall provide minimum standards for, but shall not be limited to: (i) food preparation and handling; (ii) physical plant sanitation; (iii) the provision, storage, and cleansing of linens and towels; (iv) general housekeeping and maintenance practices; (v) requirements for approved water supply and sewage disposal systems; (vi) vector and pest control; (vii) swimming pools, saunas, and other similar facilities, including personnel standards for the operation thereof; (viii) ice machines and dispensers of perishable food items; and (ix) a procedure for obtaining a license.


Code 1950, §§ 35-8, 35-9, 35-16, 35-16.1, 35-18; 1956, c. 394; 1964, c. 499; 1970, c. 435; 1981, c. 468.


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