§ 38.2-1819

Application for license; fee required

A. Each applicant for a license shall make application to the Commission, in the form and containing the information the Commission prescribes. Each applicant shall, at the time of applying for a license, pay a nonrefundable application processing fee in an amount and in a manner prescribed by the Commission. The prescribed application processing fee shall not be less than fifteen dollars nor more than thirty dollars. The fee shall be collected by the Commission and paid directly into the state treasury and credited to the fund for the maintenance of the Bureau of Insurance as provided in subsection B of § 38.2-400.

B. No resident license requiring an examination shall be issued by the Commission later than 183 calendar days from the date the applicant satisfies the prelicensing examination requirements set forth in § 38.2-1817. Applicants failing to satisfy this requirement shall be required to satisfy all prelicensing requirements, including the examination, again before applying.

C. Except where prohibited by state or federal law, by submitting an application for license, the applicant shall be deemed to have appointed the clerk of the Commission as the agent for service of process on the applicant in any action or proceeding arising in this Commonwealth out of or in connection with the exercise of the license. Such appointment of the clerk of the Commission as agent for service of process shall be irrevocable during the period within which a cause of action against the applicant may arise out of transactions with respect to subjects of insurance in this Commonwealth. Service of process on the clerk of the Commission shall conform to the provisions of Chapter 8 (§ 38.2-800 et seq.) of this title.


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