§ 38.2-400

Expense of administration of insurance laws borne by licensees; minimum contribution

A. The expense of maintaining the Bureau of the Commission responsible for administering the insurance laws of this Commonwealth, including a reasonable margin in the nature of a reserve fund, shall be assessed annually by the Commission against all companies and surplus lines brokers subject to this title except premium finance companies and providers of continuing care registered pursuant to Chapter 49 (§ 38.2-4900 et seq.) of this title. The assessment shall be in proportion to the direct gross premium income on business done in this Commonwealth. The assessment shall not exceed one-tenth of one percent of the direct gross premium income and shall be levied pursuant to § 38.2-403. For any year a company is subject to an assessment, the assessment shall not be less than $ 300.

B. All fees assessed under any provision of this title and paid into the state treasury shall be deposited to a special fund designated “Bureau of Insurance Special Fund — State Corporation Commission,” and out of such special fund and the unexpended balance thereof shall be appropriated the sums necessary for the regulation, supervision and examination of all entities subject to regulation under this title. Any references in the Code of Virginia to funds being paid directly into the state treasury and credited to the fund for the maintenance of the Bureau of Insurance shall hereinafter mean the “Bureau of Insurance Special Fund — State Corporation Commission.”


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