§ 4.1-205

Local licenses

A. In addition to the state licenses provided for in this chapter, the governing body of each county, city or town in the Commonwealth may provide by ordinance for the issuance of county, city or town licenses and to charge and collect license taxes therefor, to persons licensed by the Board to manufacture, bottle or sell alcoholic beverages within such county, city or town, except for temporary licenses authorized by § 4.1-211. Subject to § 4.1-233, the governing body of a county, city or town may classify licenses and graduate the license taxes therefor in the manner it deems proper.

B. No county, city or town shall issue a local license to any person who does not hold or secure simultaneously the proper state license. If any person holds any local license without at the same time holding the proper state license, the local license, during the period when such person does not hold the proper state license, shall confer no privileges under the provisions of this title.


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