§ 4.1-211

Temporary licenses

Notwithstanding subsection D of § 4.1-203, the Board may grant a temporary license to any of the licensed retail operations authorized by §§ 4.1-206 through 4.1-210. A temporary license may be granted only after an application has been filed in accordance with the provisions of § 4.1-230 and in cases where the sole objection to granting a license is that the establishment will not be qualified in terms of the sale of food. If a temporary license is not granted, the applicant is entitled to a hearing on the issue of qualifications. The decision to refuse to grant a temporary license shall not be subject to a hearing.If a temporary license is granted, the Board shall conduct an audit of the business after a reasonable period of operation not to exceed 180 days. If the audit indicates that the business is qualified, the license applied for may be granted. If the audit indicates that the business is not qualified, the applicant is entitled to a hearing. No further temporary license shall be granted to the applicant or to any other person at that location for a period of one year from expiration and, once the application becomes the subject of a hearing, no temporary license may be granted.A temporary license may be revoked summarily by the Board for any cause set forth in § 4.1-225 without complying with subsection A of § 4.1-227. Revocation of a temporary license shall be effective upon service of the order of revocation upon the licensee or upon the expiration of three business days after the order of the revocation has been mailed to the licensee either at his residence or the address given for the business in the license application. No further notice shall be required.


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