§ 4.1-207.1

Restricted wholesale wine licenses

The Board may grant a wholesale wine license to a nonprofit, nonstock corporation created in accordance with subdivision B 2 of § 3.2-102, which shall authorize the licensee to provide wholesale wine distribution services to winery and farm winery licensees, provided that no more than 3,000 cases of wine produced by a winery or farm winery licensee shall be distributed by the corporation in any one year. The corporation shall provide such distribution services in accordance with the terms of a written agreement approved by the corporation between it and the winery or farm winery licensee, which shall comply with the provisions of this title and Board regulations. The corporation shall receive all of the privileges of, and be subject to, all laws and regulations governing wholesale wine licenses granted under subdivision 2 of § 4.1-207.


2007, cc. 870, 932; 2012, cc. 803, 835.


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