§ 4.1-332

Nonpayment of excise tax on beer and wine coolers; additional penalties

A. No person shall sell beer or wine coolers to retailers or consumers without paying the excise tax imposed by § 4.1-236. No retailer shall purchase, receive, transport, store or sell any beer or wine coolers on which such retailer has reason to know such tax has not been paid and may not be paid.Any person convicted of a violation of this subsection shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

B. In addition to subsection A, on each manufacturer, bottler or wholesaler who fails to make any return and pay the full amount of the tax required by § 4.1-236, there shall be imposed a civil penalty to be added to the tax in the amount of five percent of the proper tax due if the failure is for not more than thirty days, with an additional five percent for each additional thirty days, or fraction thereof, during which the failure continues. Such civil penalty shall not exceed twenty-five percent in the aggregate. In the case of a false or fraudulent return, where willful intent exists to defraud the Commonwealth of any excise tax due on beer and wine coolers, a civil penalty of fifty percent of the amount of the proper tax due shall be assessed. All penalties and interest shall be payable to the Board and if not so paid shall be collectible in the same manner as if they were a part of the tax imposed.

C. After reasonable notice to the manufacturer, bottler, wholesaler or retailer, the Board may suspend or revoke the license of the manufacturer, bottler, wholesaler or retailer who has failed to make any return or to pay the full amount of the excise tax.


1988, c. 261, §§ 4-139, 4-140; 1993, c. 866.


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