Prohibited Practices Generally

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Prohibited Practices Generally.” It is part of Title 4.1, titled “Alcoholic Beverage Control Act.” It is part of Chapter 3, titled “Prohibited Practices; Penalties; Procedural Matters.” It’s comprised of the following 40 sections.

§ 4.1-300
Illegal manufacture and bottling; penalty
§ 4.1-301
Conspiracy to violate § 4.1-300; penalty
§ 4.1-302
Illegal sale of alcoholic beverages in general; penalty
§ 4.1-302.1
Use of alcohol vaporizing devices prohibited; penalty
§ 4.1-302.2
Sale, purchase, use of powdered or crystalline alcohol prohibited; penalty
§ 4.1-303
Purchase of alcoholic beverages from person not authorized to sell; penalty
§ 4.1-304
Persons to whom alcoholic beverages may not be sold; proof of legal age; penalty
§ 4.1-305
Purchasing or possessing alcoholic beverages unlawful in certain cases; venue; exceptions; penalty; forfeiture; deferred proceedings; treatment and education programs and services
§ 4.1-306
Purchasing alcoholic beverages for one to whom they may not be sold; penalty; forfeiture
§ 4.1-307
Persons by whom alcoholic beverages may not be sold or served for on-premises consumption; penalty
§ 4.1-308
Drinking alcoholic beverages, or offering to another, in public place; penalty; exceptions
§ 4.1-309
Drinking or possessing alcoholic beverages in or on public school grounds; penalty
§ 4.1-309.1
Possessing or consuming alcoholic beverage while operating a school bus; penalty
§ 4.1-310
Illegal importation, shipment and transportation of alcoholic beverages; penalty; exception
§ 4.1-311
Limitations on transporting lawfully purchased alcoholic beverages; penalty
§ 4.1-312
Limitation on carrying alcoholic beverages in motor vehicle transporting passengers for hire; penalty
§ 4.1-313
Possessing, transporting, etc., alcoholic beverages illegally acquired; penalty
§ 4.1-314
Keeping, possessing or storing still or distilling apparatus without a permit; penalty
§ 4.1-315
Possession without license to sell alcoholic beverages upon premises of restaurant; exceptions; penalty
§ 4.1-316
Keeping or drinking alcoholic beverages upon premises of club; penalty
§ 4.1-317
Maintaining common nuisances; penalties
§ 4.1-318
Violations by armed person; penalty
§ 4.1-319
Disobeying subpoena; hindering conduct of hearing; penalty
§ 4.1-320
Illegal advertising; penalty; exception
§ 4.1-321
Delivery of alcoholic beverages to prisoners in jail prohibited; penalty
§ 4.1-322
Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by interdicted persons; penalty
§ 4.1-323
Attempts; aiding or abetting; penalty
§ 4.1-324
Illegal sale or keeping of alcoholic beverages by licensees; penalty
§ 4.1-325
(Effective until July 1, 2018) Prohibited acts by mixed beverage licensees; penalty
§ 4.1-325
(Effective July 1, 2018) Prohibited acts by mixed beverage licensees; penalty
§ 4.1-325.01
Combined licenses for same premises
§ 4.1-325.1
Falsifying application; penalty
§ 4.1-325.2
Prohibited acts by employees of wine or beer licensees; penalty
§ 4.1-326
Sale of; purchase for resale; wine or beer from a person without a license; penalty
§ 4.1-327
Prohibiting transfer of wine or beer by licensees; penalty
§ 4.1-328
Prohibited trade practices; penalty
§ 4.1-329
Illegal advertising materials; penalty
§ 4.1-330
Solicitation by persons interested in manufacture, etc., of alcoholic beverages; penalty
§ 4.1-331
Failure to pay tax or to deliver, keep and preserve records and accounts, or to allow examination and inspection; penalty
§ 4.1-332
Nonpayment of excise tax on beer and wine coolers; additional penalties