§ 45.1-161.115

Supplies of materials for supports

A. The operator, or his agent, shall provide at or near the working places an ample supply of suitable materials of proper size with which to secure all roofs, ribs and faces of working places in a safe manner. Suitable supply materials shall be provided for variations in seam height. If the operator, or his agent, fails to provide such suitable materials, the mine foreman shall cause the miners to withdraw from the mine, or the portion thereof affected, until such material or supplies are received.

B. Safety posts, jacks or temporary crossbars shall be set close to the face before other operations are begun and as needed thereafter, if miners go in by the last permanent roof support.

C. Unless an automated temporary roof support system is used, safety posts or jacks shall be used to protect the miners when roof material is being taken down, crossbars are being installed, roof bolt holes are being drilled, roof bolts are being installed, or when any other work is being performed that would reasonably require roof support to protect the miners involved.

D. The operator, or his agent, shall make immediately available for emergency use at each mine site at least two lifting devices with a combined total of at least 80 tons lifting capacity. Each individual lifting device shall have 20 tons or greater lifting capacity.


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