§ 45.1-161.116

Examination and testing of roof, face, and ribs

A. The operator, or his agent, shall instruct all miners how to make visual examinations and sound and vibration testing of roof, face and ribs.

B. Miners exposed to danger from falls of roof, face, and ribs shall visually examine and, if conditions permit, test the roof, face, and ribs by sounding the roof before starting work or before starting a machine and as frequently thereafter as may be necessary to ensure safety. When hazardous conditions are found, miners discovering them shall correct such conditions immediately by taking down the loose material, by proper timbering, or installation of proper roof support before work is continued or any other work is done, or shall vacate the place.

C. At least once each shift, or more often if necessary, the mine foreman or other certified person shall examine and test the roof, face and ribs of all active working sections where coal is being produced while miners are working therein. Any place in which a hazardous condition is found by the mine foreman shall be made safe in his presence or under his direction, or the miners shall be withdrawn from such place. Such hazardous conditions and corrective actions taken shall be recorded in the on-shift record book at the mine.


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