§ 45.1-161.153

Hoisting equipment

A. All hoists used for handling men shall be equipped with overspeed, overwind, and automatic stop controls.

B. All suspended work decks and platforms (i) shall operate automatically, (ii) shall be equipped with guardrails capable of protecting men and materials from accidental overturning, and (iii) shall be equipped with safety belts and such other protective devices as the Chief shall require by regulation.

C. Any platform or work deck used for transporting miners or materials shall be equipped with leveling indicators and such conveyance shall be maintained and operated in a reasonably level position at all times.

D. Slope, shaft, or surface incline hoists shall be equipped with brakes capable of stopping and holding the fully loaded unbalanced cage or trip at any point in the shaft or slope or on the incline.

E. An accurate and reliable indicator showing the position of the cage or trip shall be placed so as to be in clear view of the hoisting engineer, unless the position of the car or trip is clearly visible to the hoisting engineer or other person operating the equipment at all times.

F. Any conveyance used to haul miners or materials within a shaft or slope (i) shall be designed to prevent materials from falling back into the shaft or slope and (ii) shall be equipped with a retaining edge of not less than six inches to prevent objects from falling into the shaft or slope.


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