§ 45.1-161.154

Hoisting ropes

A. Hoisting ropes on all cages or trips shall be adequate in size to handle the load and have a proper factor of safety. Ropes used to hoist or lower coal and other materials shall have a factor of safety of not less than five to one; ropes used to hoist or lower miners shall have a factor of safety of not less than 10 to one.

B. The hoisting rope shall have at least three full turns on the drum when extended to its maximum working length. The rope shall make at least one full turn on the drum shaft or around the spoke of the drum, in case of a free drum, and be fastened securely by means of clamps.

C. The hoisting rope shall be fastened to its load by a spelter-filled socket or by a thimble and adequate number of clamps properly spaced and installed.

D. Any cage, man-car, or trip used for hoisting or lowering men with a single rope shall be provided with two bridle chains or wire ropes connected securely to the rope at least three feet above the socket or thimble and to the crosspiece of the cage or to the man-car or trip. Multiple hoisting ropes installed according to subsection C may be used in lieu of two bridle chains.

E. When equipment or supplies are being hoisted or lowered in the slope, safety chains or wire ropes shall be provided and connected securely to the hoist rope. In addition, visible or audible warning devices shall be installed in the slope where they may be seen or heard by persons approaching the slope track entry from any access.


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