§ 45.1-161.155

Hoisting cages

A. Cages used for hoisting miners shall be of substantial construction and shall have (i) adequate steel bonnets, with enclosed sides; (ii) gates, safety chains, or bars across the ends of the cage when men are being hoisted or lowered; and (iii) sufficient handholds or chains for all men on the cage to maintain their balance. A locking device to prevent tilting of the cage shall be used on all self-dumping cages when miners are transported thereon.

B. The floor of the cage shall be constructed so that it will be adequate to carry the load and so that it will be impossible for a miner’s foot or body to enter any opening in the bottom of the cage.

C. Cages used for hoisting miners shall be equipped with safety catches that act quickly and effectively in case of an emergency. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to capsules or buckets used for emergency escape or used during slope or shaft sinking.


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